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Freestyle Ice Times and Prices

A few things to note when purchasing summer ice:
1. Create your account and make sure to add your skater to your account. (you will have to choose the participant for every booking)
2. Then click on register on the left hand side
3. You will see a box that says freestyle, click that.
4. You will then see the days of the week for summer, I suggest you go through your schedule day by day.
5. On and off ice classes also have their own category here.
6. Once you click on a day of the week, it will then list out every half hour session available on that day of the week. You will now click the first half hour you'd like to reserve. It will then show you all of the weeks that that specific day's half hour is available. I suggest booking several weeks at a time so you won't have to do this every week. If your schedule changes every week you will unfortunately have to book weekly.
7. You'll then add that to your cart by clicking confirm registration at the bottom. If you'd like to add more sessions you'll click add another registration, or continue to check out if you've completed your schedule.
8. Please note that if you need to cancel any ice time or reschedule, you can simply email me and I will gladly refund or adjust your schedule. I will, however, ask that you try to make sure to not book ice for weeks that you know your skater will not be here. Last minute changes I will gladly take care of.
9. There is no freestyle ice available Thursday, June 17th after 8:00am, Friday, June 18th after 8:00am and no freestyle Saturday June 19th. Those dates are not available to purchase.
10. All of the sessions on a given day are numbered and should be in time order. Please note that TUESDAYS ice is not in order on the screen (You will see that 1. is not first but appears a few spaces down). I'm working with the team at dash to fix this, and we are not sure why this has happened. Please just make sure you are picking the correct times. All of the other days of the week should be in time order.